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College Planning Curriculum 

what do you mean curriculum?"
When we begin to talk  about the TRACK IT! College Planning Curriculum, we initially receive a perplexed response, a furrowed brow, and a questioning: “Curriculum, what do you mean curriculum for college planning?”  

Well think about it…we all likely agree that our services are a combination of education related to college admissions and one-on-one student guidance. If that is true, then we ask “What are you using for your Curriculum or the educational component of your services?"

Does your service include a comprehensive and professional curriculum that you present to families? Most IECs and counseling departments have gathered data over the years and have amassed a collection of “hand-outs” for students and parents. Are your hand-outs engaging and dynamic? A curriculum should be uniform in nature and reflect a professional, consistent, and cohesive service. If your practice or counseling department includes more than one counselor, is there a consistent message and quality of presentation?

Authoring a complete College Planning Curriculum can take years (we know!), and you have students walking in your door today. Why reinvent the wheel? The College Planning Center has launched the new TRACK IT! College Planning Curriculum that includes ten units to cover the key components of the College Planning process. It provides a framework for the education portion of your consultation, with room to personalize with your own emphasis, area of expertise, and personal style. The TRACK IT! Curriculum is branded with your logo and contact information to provide a professional company image for your organization - today!