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Helping students with the college planning process is incredibly satisfying and rewarding. But getting your practice off the ground, can be overwhelming. The TRACK IT! Curriculum is designed to take a student from the very beginning of the college planning process, all the way through their college applications. It is a proven process. It includes timelines, a glossary of key terms, sample Track IT! organizer with templates to use as your business grows.

Give your business an established, polished and professional feel from the start. Includes promotional poster and brochures to add to your client marketing efforts.

You will be able to place your focus on helping students and growing your clientele. Educational Consultants have shared with us that they can finally be comfortable charging what their services are worth with the professional deliverable offered by the TRACK IT! Curriculum.

College Planning Curriculum 
"No need to reinvent the wheel, you people made the wheel round!"


Launching a new practice?
Ready to grow an existing business?  
Trying to make your way into the modern century?

Has your school been hit with budget cuts?

Does the counseling department need to find innovative ways to do more with less?

Many counseling departments across the country have been down-sized or given more responsibilities as schools cope with fewer resources. We recognize that there is a growing need to help high schools provide vital college planning information to students. Many counselors, teachers, parent or student volunteers are asked to present college admissisons concepts to individual students as well as small groups or entire classrooms.  

The time has come for an innovative approach that allows high schools flexibility in how they provide this service to their students. The concept of College Counseling as Curriculum is a concept whose time has come! 

It doesn't mean that students won't still need one-on-one assistance, but if each student were educated and had organizational tools in order prior to walking in your office, hmmmmm - what would that be like